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Gustavo Cabezal
Gustavo Cabezal

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Starting a journey of a complicated Portfolio with Angular and Containers

The portfolio

So here is the story in a few words, it will be a continuous series, I wanted to update an old portfolio that I had made with hugo. So I said "why not" and deleted the old information, bad for me that the repo was in old files and not online and so I lost that too. I decided to start it all over and get to know better and test new technologies that I wanted to do, and thus I got working on a simple site, I wanted to use angular to see how I can implement new ideas, even if its a basic not that dynamic site.

The tools

For tooling I will be working with:


  • Angular
  • Tailwindcss
  • Jest
  • Cypress
  • Storybooks


  • Jenkins
  • Dependabot
  • CloudRun
  • Docker Hub
  • Buildpacks.


  • CloudRun

The Idea

I will be making a website on angular, having testing on each branch with jenkins, on pull requests I will be creating a container, storing it on docker hub and deploying it on cloudrun.

Simple Yes, lets see how it goes.

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