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Discussion on: I'm a UX UI developer, ask me anything!

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How do you distinguish the rolls of developers? I have often see "front end developer" vs "back end developer" but I see that as being an artificial distinction. I kind of like "application developer" vs "UX developer" understanding that some people make have a foot in both. However I am still thinking through how to categorize developer rolls and areas of expertise. I see issues with a lot of the "classic" ways of doing that categorization and have been looking for better alternatives.

Background note: In some context's this is not a huge deal. However in a company with hundreds of developers and dozen's of projects it becomes very important.

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Judith Ask Me Anything

You nailed it when you said "I see that as being an artificial distinction". They are all just names given to the general role we play. If you ask me, we should probably give up these artificial naming conventions in lieu of "developer - expert in "whatever" or software engineer "generalist" or "developer - with "design training", etc.