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Discussion on: Who/what should I follow on Instagram for web-dev?

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Mehdi M.

Instagram is all about pictures and imagery (and giving your data to Facebook). So if you are an Instagram user, I’d recommend to follow designers, artists, people making user interfaces that are sharing their works, game development studios…

This will progressively gives you creative idea and a better sense of the good and bad of design choices.

If you’re looking for places where you can follow people into development and tech, there are a lot:, Twitter, GitHub, some Slack communities, Reddit, blogs RSS, Codepen… But Instagram: no.

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Michael "lampe" Lazarski

Yeah I agree with that in many ways.

There are good accounts on Instagram but they are few and not much.

Often accounts get big with some setups that must look fancy on a picture or a new trend is that people make selfies 🤳 with a laptop that never shows any code.

I stopped following that type of accounts. I also called them out some time ago and I got a lot of feedback that finally some one is saying this.

And before you call me sexiest because of the woman selfie example. The most comment messages I got from other woman that they think the same but they are scared to say it on Instagram.

There are fantastic people on ig but also a lot of people who just want to show off and don't add any value.

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Dmitrii Pashutskii • Edited on

Agreed on that as well. I missed the time when everyone started using IG as a blog platform posting useless pictures and a lot of text. This platform just didn't build for it.
Personally, I use Instagram a little, but I follow only designers and photographers to get inspiration and learn from them.