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The forgotten Skill 'Testing'

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let's discuss about a professional subject who can strength your programming profil skill set , its an important thing that you must discover and practice,
The QA/QC:
You need to learn Testing to enhance your coding skills in a collaborative work .

the purpose of this proccesses is to prevent any further issues , bugs, in your future software aswell as reduce any potential maintenances costs.

It becomes as a standard for a professional software creation cycle that everyone need to know.

1)QA- Quality assurance
we can say it's a team of people who check all teams, tools, technologies,methodologies, testing types, coding techniques, everything is invloving in this software building process, to choose the most quality items for it.

2)QC - Quality control
we can say its and extending process who come up after the first step of making a software until the end of it before delivery to the final customer so it focus to verify any potential bugs or errors, and the software is able to fit the required needs of the client, its also called testing so what are all type of tests in the QC.

as i said its a subset process of QC, and there is three types :
-Functional testing, those tests have a direct relationship with the software itself and check if its fully functional without any bugs, there is many testing methods for different purposes for example, unit testing to test a small piece of code and for people asks about TDD so it is the most relevant to it because you write the test code before the code itself. there is also the integration test to test a bunch of modules either from UI or other, there is other functional tests aswell.

-non functional testing, is related to the environement and anything will be in contact with this software so things like security, performace, compatibilty and there is also many others...

by final we have the automated test which mean we use those previous test in an automated way to gain time and money. and they are done using many softwares ex: cypress, selenium, junit...

that's all i hope that i could write the right things i did an effort to collect those information and write them in easier way for understanding.

Notice that the QA/QC can be applied for many sectors not only in IT.

you can leave your feedback inorder to make this topic more rich.
happy codingπŸ§‘β€πŸ’»

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