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Discussion on: I Built My Own TinyURL. Here’s How I Did It

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Meat Boy

What do you think about cloudflare workers? Do you comparison to other similar services?

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Jerry Ng Author

The only other serverless platform that I have tried is Netlify's AWS Lambda functions.

I'd say the biggest advantage of using CF Worker is that their Runtime API is super straightforward and easy to use. The effort required for me to get started is incredibly low vs using something like AWS (which can be daunting). Another thing to note is that "cold start" is one of the most common arguments against the use of serverless tech such as this. However, CF Worker seems to address this pretty well.

The downside I would argue is the lack of native language support for workers, e.g. Golang. Also, there are much fewer available resources and discussions available on the Internet as compared to something like AWS Lambda for sure, which is something you might want to consider. In terms of maturity, perhaps AWS Lambda has the advantage here too as it's more battle-tested.