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Md Tanvir Ahmed
Md Tanvir Ahmed

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I really want to Learn Python !!!

Hope everybody is doing well.I really want to Learn Python programming language.but proper guidelines are needed.If you could help a Little!!!!!

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Phil Ashby

There are a number of decent, free online courses, I have done both of these and enjoyed them:

You might also want to follow a fellow member, who has been taking the code academy course and writing a game 😄

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Md Tanvir Ahmed Author

Thank you

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Viet Le

Check out Youtube channel TechWithTim. I personally found it helpful

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I can also recommend TechWithTim, he's explaining in a quiet way - I like it.

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Milan Thapa

For now start from here THIS VIDEO if you complete this let me know I'm also working on python and django for a 2+ weeks everyday after leaving WordPress development.

I've created road map I'll give you that but first complete that tutorial and don't repeat my mistake on thinking but not doing.

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Jeff Hachtel

I found Jessica McKellar's videos very helpful when I was first learning Python. Here's a decent one to start with:

I also highly recommend the book, Automate the Boring Stuff with Python:

What will help the most is to pick a small project that you are interested in and try to build it. For example, try to calculate the interest you will get charged on your next credit card bill - something small like that and build up. Jessica's videos do small, useful projects like that.

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Dendi Handian

it's better if you align the expertise too, decide when you want to become web developer, backend developer, data analyst or data engineer using python.

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Christopher Tabula

I highly agree with this. It's easy to feel lost or overwhelmed in learning a programming language if you don't know what you'll use it for.

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Waleedh Nihal Ahmed

Good Choice! 👌😊

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Udemy's Joe Portilla/Pierian Data course on Python will help you establish solid foundation on which to further build your particular expertise, for me it was going further into data science.

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Go for it! I highly recommend Angla Yu's 100-days-of-code course. It has everything.

Favourite it and wait for it to go half price (happens regularly):

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Where are you struggling?

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Santiago Menendez

Hi, Python is a very good language for starting in programming and for many things.
I recommend to start with TechWithTim that explains many things of Python.

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James 'Dante' Midzi

I should go back to these roots as well

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Mokhele Katleho

Learning python was the best decision I ever made in my life!