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Discussion on: 5 Leadership Skills for Your Development Project that I learned watching Eliud Kipchoge run

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Mohammad Fazel

Well, it's not only about leadership, the team is vital too!
When you provide everything and get rid of obstacles for your team, on the other hand you expect efforts and hard work from your team members. They should take advantage and do tasks...

Nevertheless this article was great thank you!

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Bruno Souza Author

YES!!! You are totally right!

The team is fundamental.

Think about it: the "team", that does the work in the above story, is Kipchoge himself. If it wasn't his running, his years of practicing, no matter how much leadership there was, there would be no record.

(and there is another leadership lesson there... when you have the option to choose the right team...)

There are so many more lessons in this story! How much Kipchoge practiced, and how developers can use deliberate practice to be the "Kipchoge of their focus". Or how those 5 lessons are a great way to build a product. Or... But that would need to be other articles...

A leader can do his part, to clear the path. But there is a limit. There is a lot of hard work (most of it?) done by the team. And that is true even when the leader is one of the developers :-)

Thanks for the insight!