Does anyone know of an accessible vue component library?

Darrik Moberg on June 25, 2019

Does anyone know of a Vue component library/collection that are easy to style and built with accessibility in mind? I know you can pick just parts ... [Read Full]
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BootstrapVue (bootstrap-vue.js.org/) was created with WAI-ARIA accessibility in mind.

Many of the components produce automated ARIA compliant markup, and the docs for each component usually has a section on accessibility.

Styling wise, you can theme by setting Bootstrap V4.x SASS/SCSS variables (theme/variant colors, general sizing, enable/disable shadow, etc).


At first glance, vuematerial.io/ seems to be superior to Vuetify, accessibility-wise.

I'm looking for a Reach UI counterpart in Vue for quite some time now, unfortunately to no avail


That's kind of what I figured. I'd really love something that handles the accessibility and composition and leaves styling to the users.

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