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Discussion on: How To Make Dev Better In 2020

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Marco Damaceno • Edited on

As Michael Puckett said in his comment, "it’s an engineering problem more than a people/content problem". I think Dev team could make a search like Google does adding minus sign in front the tag you're (not) searching for. Just a simple filter.

I don't like the idea of qualifying a post/article with a number or a level. I think this could create a caste of "special" developers and segregate the others. IMO, that's not a good idea for a social network for developers.

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Jonathan Thorne Author

my point still stands, I also don't want to completely limit out tutorials, and this also implies that the average dev user is coming here looking for something in particular.

I think where can and does shine is in being a developer specific blog site. I think there's a place for tutorials as well, don't get me wrong, but it is largely a people/content problem in what im thinking.

For instance: you could decide tomorrow to make a "how to create a python class" youtube video tomorrow. This isn't inherently bad. and hell, people on youtube are very well searching for that too. It's especially nice if you have a ton of python experience and are showing something new.

However, if you see that there's already 10000 "how to create a python class" videos on youtube, and they've already said everything you would say on the subject, and you're not even an experienced dev (or bringing anything new to the table) that's when it becomes not good.

In fairness, the only one that was truly no ones fault is that most of the posts here are web dev related.

I think the problem is partially engineering though, i'll agree. I think there should be better ways to limit what kinds of posts are on the main page of