Discussion on: Yet another documentation dispute

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Marek Dabek Author

Thank you for your comment.
As an engineer I can assure you, that I highly appreciate work being done by fellow engineers :) I agree, that the "delivery chain" part may be unclear.
I see software as a mean of solving some specific set of problems. Software can be a tool (e.g. CAD, trading system), a part of a tool (e.g. infotainment system) or rarely a complete product by it self (e.g. video game). If you think from this perspective, you see that there is more than a team of engineers, first of all there are customers, next, business side of the project, marketing etc. Clear communication between these parties need some sort of common platform and it may be really difficult to gather all of them in single place to give a talk (and probably you would need to prepare slide deck for that - still a documentation;))

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Bertil Muth

Indeed - informing all relevant stakeholders can be a challenge. Thank you for the answer.