Discussion on: Coding Without Google

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Marek Dabek

Being from the same country I can completely relate to your experience :)
I started my programming journey from the bottom up. First language I was writing in was x86 assembly. I had a computer (486SX;)), a book, a notebook (paper one) and a pencil. The thing was the computer was there for me only during weekends, so I had pages of assembly code created after school from Monday-Thursday, which I typed in from Friday to Sunday.
This was slow and difficult, but I had lots of time back then, and I could think over some things. Finally, when my assembly code started to look like regular C, I moved to C.
The internet was precious and expensive, I used dial-up connection to download programming tutorials and read them offline. Every minute (or rather 3 minutes) counted ;)

I miss these times and I know that I do, because I was young and responsibility free, not because it was better back then.:) Although there is limitless stream of information and resources available now I think we are getting more and more lost.