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Discussion on: What’s the most frustrating thing about the process of looking for work or interviewing?

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Marek Dabek

Not just one thing, but the most of the interview that I recently went through was a nightmare. Needles to say that the company was in the top 20 of Fortune 500.

  1. I was contacted by a company's HR representative with the job offer. First thing - they sent me job offers multiple times over the last year.

  2. Being fed up with the current job, I finally agreed for a phone call. The phone call turned out to be first phase of an interview! In the middle of the call I was asked to go to a link that was sent with the invitation and do some live coding... Wait?! What link? Oh no one sent you the link? We will do it now.... but what if did not have a computer with me?

  3. Next, it turned out that they do have multiple positions they are hiring on, and I am interviewed in general and assessed. Later, one of the managers will decide on me later, in the process. That did not feel right...

  4. I made it to the second phase - 6 hours of interviews, comprising writing code on the whiteboard, going through basic data structures and algorithms, and being interviewed about the C++ by people knowing only Java. That did not feel right at all...

  5. Interviews with engineering managers asking a questions: "What if you were asked to ....", or "From your experience, what if you did not agree to ...", or "Imagine that you are...". This is just plain stupid.

  6. At the end of the long day I was told by the HR representative, that I will cannot give me feedback, but if I will not be selected I can re-apply for a job after six months. That felt completely wrong...

Going back, the entire process was frustrating and infuriating. The best part of it is I did not get the job and I am very glad it turned out that way.