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Mateusz Charytoniuk
Mateusz Charytoniuk

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Why AI will take your job (and it’s not what you think)

It’s not because it will learn how to code soon, it doesn’t seem like it. So far it can produce one-off things like a landing page or a single http controller and you still need to stitch it together. Copilots just make you work faster.

It’s because of the product habits and automation tools, no code, low code. They are finally catching up and literally with each day it’s possible to do more and more with no technical knowledge.

The technology is not just a programming, it’s also a product, which most people here forget. And product related user habits are changing rapidly. We get much less demand for GUIs with buttons, forms, controls and much more conversational based UIs. We just won’t need to code as much. You might say “fine we will then put together conversational UIs” - you won’t, they are much simpler to maintain than GUIs with nested views, and in the center of them is not just the code, it’s the trained weights of an LLM instead.

It’s not doom and gloom post as some
might accuse me of. I am really happy for those changes as our goal in life is not to work for the sake of working but to better the life and work for others. At the moment AI is getting better at it than what most of the code can offer. It might not be better for someone attached to a programming job, but it’s definitely better for the consumer and the end user - and that was the real goal from the beginning.

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This is very clear! Thank you,so what is your suggestion?

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Mateusz Charytoniuk

In the short term I think it will be wise to embrace the AI and look for useful applications of it.

In the long term I think programming is in the same position as seamstresses from Avignon when the sewing machine was invented.

Do we still need to sew clothes? Yes. Do we do with just a needle and thread? Not really.

Do we still need to make apps? Yes. Do we do that with code? So far yes, in the future I think not really.

What is the alternative? I think it’s best not to focus on just maintaining job but to try to think new ways to optimize general processes and information flow using AI. That’s what this was about from the beginning