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Issue with User Role-Based Authorization in ASP.NET Core 5 REST API using JWT

I am developing a REST API using ASP.NET Core 5 and have implemented JWT authentication for user login. While basic JWT authentication is working, I am facing challenges with implementing and managing role-based authorization. I need assistance to correctly set up and enforce role-based access control (RBAC) using JWT in my API.


Implement role-based authorization in my ASP.NET Core 5 REST API.
Ensure different user roles have appropriate access to specific endpoints.
Learn best practices for managing and verifying user roles within the JWT token.
Specific Areas of Assistance Needed:

Role Management:

How can I define and manage user roles within my ASP.NET Core application?
What is the best way to include roles as claims within the JWT token?
Token Creation and Role Claims:

How should I modify the token generation process to include user roles as claims?
What steps are necessary to ensure these claims are securely included in the token?
Authorization Middleware:

How do I configure the ASP.NET Core middleware to enforce role-based authorization using the roles included in the JWT token?
What changes are needed in the Startup.cs file to support role-based policies?
Protecting Endpoints:

How do I protect specific API endpoints to allow access only to users with certain roles?
What are the best practices for applying role-based authorization attributes to controller actions?
Testing and Debugging:

How can I test role-based authorization to ensure it functions correctly for different user roles?
What tools or techniques are recommended for debugging authorization issues?
Security Considerations:

How can I secure the role claims within the JWT token to prevent tampering?
What are the best practices for handling token expiration and role updates?

Current Setup: ASP.NET Core 5, Visual Studio 2019
Project Type: Secure REST API for a multi-role web application
Existing Code Base: Basic JWT authentication implemented, need to expand to role-based authorization
Request for Assistance:
I would greatly appreciate detailed guidance, code examples, or tutorials that can help me implement role-based authorization in my ASP.NET Core 5 REST API using JWT. Specific examples of configuring roles in the, generating tokens with role claims, and securing endpoints based on roles would be extremely helpful.

Additional Information:

If needed, I can provide current code snippets related to JWT authentication for more targeted advice.
I am also open to suggestions on any additional libraries or tools that could facilitate role-based authorization.

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