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Discussion on: Interactive Machine Learning Experiments

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Matt Curcio

Greetings Oleksii,
Wow, quite an amazing piece of work here! I can see that this presentation would have taken you some time to piece together. The Python notebooks look very 'Pro.' Are you using ML now? Or is this a field you would like to enter?

Funny enough, I was considering putting some of my own ML work on BUT, I was not sure IF this was/is the right forum. I have been using R & ML in grad. school for the past two years. But I have to wonder how much interest there is in others learning R/RStudio? What do you think?

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Oleksii Trekhleb Author

Hi Matt!

Thanks for such words! Yeah, to go live with these 11 experiments I needed several (2-3) months actually (of course not a full time work but rather 1-1.5 morning hours for 3-4 days in a week) :D For me at the moment ML is just a hobby and something that I learn and try for fun. Therefore the performance of models is far from desired one. But, yeah, eventually in the future I guess it might be possible to work with ML more closely and professionally.

About adding your article here on, I'd say that's a good idea. At least there is a #machinelearning tag available here on the platform so it should be pretty valid to have such articles here :)