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Hi Amanda,
Do you feel that R is a big player in M.L.? What percent of the companies that you know work with Python? What percent use R? What ML frameworks do you use the most?


R frequently makes the list for popular ML languages, though Python is usually #1, since it was one of the first languages to support ML through frameworks and libraries. About 57% of ML developers use Python, and R is at about 31%.

While R is popular, it's not necessarily prioritized and is used alongside other languages. It's still popular because it's able to handle functional and statistical algorithms well, and it can interface to Tensorflow.

Popular Python frameworks are Scikit, NumPy Tensorflow, and Pybrain. For R, there are some useful ML packages, like RODBC, Class, and Tm.


So do many companies advertise for R? Or is it just academia that is really hot on R. R seems to have a rrrabid following but I don't see many ads for it. Do you agree?

I am not certain if they advertise for R, but I do know that Facebook uses R for data analysis. Twitter uses it for data visualization. AirBnb has an internal package called Rbnb for data science. Microsoft Azure uses R for data visualization, and John Deere uses R for forecasting projects. I agree that it is not commonly advertised, and many of the sites fail to list R in their preferred programming languages.

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