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re: I would 100% agree! Personally, when I get a multi-page resume my heart drops a little because usually what is important on the resume could have f...

I have to admit I am a little disheartened by your statement, ...your heart drops when you see 2 pagers. Some ppl are proud of their career path no matter its diversity. I thought in this multi-cultural multi-viewpoint time diversity was beneficial.

Instead I seem to be hearing one size Should fit all. I have to say I am more than disappointed by this viewpoint. Should we not be striving for inclusivity? I wonder if you confusing resume "stuffing" versus longevity.

At some point I feel like what you're describing as longevity becomes resume stuffing.

Think of a resume as an advertisement. Would you be more likely to buy something from an ad that says "this product solves this problem" or from an ad that makes you dig through paragraphs of information to figure out what the product is supposed to do?

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