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Dynamic Feature modules template

An Android template project following a multi module approach with clean architecture. It has been built following Clean Architecture Principle, Dynamic Feature modules, Repository Pattern, MVVM Architecture in the presentation layer as well as jetpack components.

I created this repository to demonstrate best development practices by utilizing up to date tech-stack.

Dynamic Feature Modules and Dynamic Delivery?
Dynamic feature modules allow separation of certain features and resources from the base module of the app and include them in the app bundle. User can then download and install these modules later when they are required(on demand) even after the app has already been installed.

Dynamic Delivery is Google Play's app serving model that uses Android App Bundles to generate and server optimized APKs for each user's device configuration so that users download only the feature and resources the need to run the app.

Play Feature Delivery allow certain features of the app to be delivered conditionally (depending on user's language, location/country, paying or free user etc.) or downloaded on demand.

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