jQuery is my dirty friend in need

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I've been using built tools and automation for years and dropped jQuery for all my new project. However, sometimes when I'm working on projects for clients that have a poorly written unreasonable code I feel very irritated the only thing that gives me hope is doing this on the console.

jQuery fun

It really gives me a boost of energy that jQuery is already there somewhere (Obviously I don't want to introduce jQuery to already ruined and bad performing app)

Can you relate ?

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jQuery.. good old days
my first & last experience in frontend :)


Somehow, jQuery is still used on legacy project. Fortunately (or not) I can't forget his API.


There's nothing wrong with jQuery and many apps still use it to this day. What do you do once you determine that jQuery is part of the project?


When it's part of the project it saves me a lot of time and headache.

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