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Discussion on: 🚢 How to Host Static Websites With Amazon S3 and Cloudflare ☁

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💜May Meow🌼 Author • Edited

It is one of possible solutions how to host website and I don't sayin this is only one 😊. Main reason is that Cloudflare is free. CloudFront has free tier but it is limmited to 1 year. Correct me if I'm wrong 🤔. (I've never used CloudFront)

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Philippe Desjardins

Oh ok I understand, I just meant that Cloudfront is way simpler to setup once you've got your S3 bucket

Didn't know Cloudflare was free!

Side note for your readers: Cloudfront is free the first year up to 50 GB or 2 million requests/months, after that it's maximum 0,085 USD per GB/month

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💜May Meow🌼 Author

Nice. I think I will try it. 👍