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Heh, this discussion reminds me of some memories around coffee subject... Almost every interview I went they bragged about the coffee machine or quality. No one even asked if I drink coffee, when I told them I don't some of them couldn't believe that or looked at me in a funny way, even got the line "you are not a programmer then" :)) My secret is no caffeine


Is not really need it, and after a while is like a placebo.


A programmer who doesn't dwell into coffee most of the time. Shocking 😳😳


I usually just drink instant coffee with some milk and sugar - extra strong but not very hot, but that's not my favorite.
My favorite is an extra strong double espresso with a spoon of fine vanilla ice cream - or as it's called in Italy - Affogato. No need for cream or sugar - the ice cream gives it all the extra flavor you need.


Coffee with ice cream, 😳😋, never heard of it and never seen it.

I have to try. Tell me where can I get it.


You'll probably find it in the desert section of any good Italian restaurant, or just ask for an affogato...


Black coffee, ceramic Turkish coffee pot, slow fire...


At home we have a grinder + french press, veranice. I put a little bit of creamer in it. At ye olde work office we got ourselves a fancy pants wanna-be kuerig: needless to say it is not as good as french press freshly grouns coffee, but i like the convenience of a quick cup.


Quick cup are perfect when it gets late or time is less.

What cream do you use and which coffee Beans.


We buy beans from sprouts or Target, lots of flavors to choose from. In partial to dark and medium roasts.

Creamer is a toss up tbh. At work we have all kinds, butterscotch, vanilla, hazelnut. I love hazelnut 🥰


Does that coffee contain milk or something else.


At 3:45 am the coffee maker starts and is ready when I leave the house. Black and cheap - what ever is on sale. I’m home by 1 and it switches to celestial seasons caffeine free tea’s { black cherry, peppermint, apple cinnamon, sleepy time} until bed.


Celestial seasons caffeine free tea’s { black cherry, peppermint, apple cinnamon, sleepy time} is that a coffee??


Get an Aeropress and a decent burr grinder… which is what I use.


Is there any specific shop to get it or I can find it anywhere.


Yes he is a "coffee professional" but his tips are still quite grounded and useful for mere mortals.


I'm not really too knowledgable on the different types and brews. I usually just make instant coffee with some milk for colour and 1-2 spoons of sugar. A max of 2 cups per day.

Coffee has health benefits but it's also a diuretic and I don't wanna become too dependent on it


Even I consume only 5-6 cups of java, but only black, some times milk, but never the sugar.😂😂


When I am in the office I make myself a Flat White when I am at home it's a black coffee from my French Press


At home we make coffee and after 30 minutes we put it in the fridge so is cold instead of warm...

...then just milk and/or sugar if need it..


That is normal coffee that's cold with later added milk or suger.

Let me try it once.


Its really nice. I get it cold because affects my mood if I get it warm...


My go to is hot coffee, several creams, 1 sugar. Although I like iced coffee - it goes too fast and is sometimes unpredictable in strength. Unless you make it yourself


I don't add sugar. Not at all.

How do you prefer it: medium coffee or hard coffee?


I've been reducing sugar for years. From 5+ to less than 1. Medium strength


My favorite and usual is cold brewed Colombian Arabica but during its absence, I drink espresso mostly.


So where can I get

cold brewed Colombian Arabica


Well, you can find the seeds in most of the coffee shops and on the internet easily, I usually buy them from a specific coffee shop and have them ground there so that it is fresh. Then I cold brew it at home in vast amounts and have coffee for several days. I think you can find some tutorials on how to cold brew home easily.


Black. Got rid of creamer and sugar a couple years back.


Black without sugar and cream is amazing. It's the taste of the beams only.

Btw, which cream did you use?


Typical French Vanilla usually. Nothing fancy.

I am already. Searching for the cream online.😋😊


Opting for tea most of time because the broader variety of flavors... Regularly switching between green & black, sometimes flavored with different aromas.


Even coffee have broder variety of flavours. See how many flavours are already mentioned here by some awesome developers.😊


I like every kind of coffee. Milk, sugar, no milk, no sugar, turkish, espresso, instant, filter, moka pot. Coffee is inherently good, not because of the condiments or the way it is made 😎


Nescafe instant with french vanilla Coffee mate creamer! So good and so convenient!


French vanilla I have heard a lot about it. I think now is the time to try it.


My favorite is a mocha from a local coffee shop called cova. its just so good


Name sounds interesting, let me see if I can make it at home or find in nearby stores.


Depends on a day, but usually one of three:

  • Espresso
  • Black with some cold milk
  • Latte

No sugar. 👌


I like to brew a pour-over with fresh-ground Starbucks Sumatra or Yukon Blend beans.


At home with one sugar & small milk, but at the office without sugar and milk, just black. I have no idea why.


With just black coffee, you get to feel coffee in each sip, condition is coffee quality should be good.

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