What is your favourite operating system?

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As a developer we are really excited to try various types of operating systems.

So I am curious to know what is your operation system choice and why?

  1. Windows
  2. Linux (what distribution).
  3. Mac OS.
  4. I don't use GUI based OS.


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I would like to use Ubuntu based OS, such as Elementary OS (haven't tried Pop_OS!). Elementary seems to work well with my hardware.

But currently I am stuck to MacOS, use to proprietary software suites, like MS Office; and sometimes, some statistical software.

The world ain't that free yet.


I can highly recommend PopOS, I’ve tried them all over the years and Pop is just a really nice system that works really well.


You can use libre office as alternative go MS office.

Correct world ain't that free yet.


I've used PopOS for long time before switching to debian, they are both great but my pick is debian since it's open source and PopOS can be shutdown if System 76 decides to shut it down.


Yes, but the real pain for me is Hardware Support. I cannot be sure if there is no commercial support.

Even Ubuntu is no guarantee. I heard it is getting short on money as well.

Not sure about it since support is getting better every day and I still haven't found piece of hardware that couldn't be used on debian, if it's not supported out of the box there are always drivers that can be found on internet.

Also I'm not a big fan of windows or mac OS since they are pretty closed software and idea of buying overpriced macbook just to run mac OS is crazy to me.


I like all of the first three.

Windows, what else are you going to play your games on? Also Win10 is a great OS in general, I love that they’re implementing the Linux kernel as part of the whole package too.

I grew up on a bbc micro and eventually dos so love the console of a Linux OS. Plus there’s so many different flavours, you can just pick the one you like best.

Mac for me is like a bundle of the previous two, except it’s rubbish for gaming. I like using Mac for work, plus the whole ecosystem works together really nicely.

Tl/dr. Windows for gaming. Linux for back to basics & choice. Mac for work.


Same for, windows for game and connecting printer. For rest Ubuntu.



For practical purposes, Fedora/CentOS (before the golden age comes to its possibly-swiftly-approaching end). No distro will ever be nearer and dearer to my heart, though, than Slackware. A terminal is enough, but life becomes truly grand with StumpWM, Terminator, "emacs --daemon" (shoutout to Org Mode!), and Vivaldi.

I currently hope to finally get gaming VMs (one Windows, one SteamOS) with a dedicated GPU under Fedora, but I'm biding my time; every time I take a shortcut I end up wishing I hadn't.

If Microsoft ever really wants to prove they love Linux, they could always make all of Office (including Skype for Business) work in an unfettered web environment. Not holding my breath though.


Microsoft can just bring few working commands of Linux under Windows, but it can never be Linux.


Main machine: Linux (Gentoo) in a dualboot that I never use with Void Linux (I really like it but I like Gentoo more :\ )
BeagleBone Black with local git repos: Linux (Arch)
CubieBoard with transmission daemon to download purely legal media: Linux (Debian)
Netbook: Linux (Alpine)
BeagleBone Black Pi-hole: Linux (Debian)


Even I use dual boot, but with Ubuntu and Windows.


I had dual with Windows XP for Autocad, but when I stopped using Autocad Windows went out, years after that I installed Windows 7 for a little while to play Dark Souls (actually DS autostarted with Windows) and went out when I finished DS. I've used Win7 it in my sister NB, didn't like it.

My transition from DOS to Win 3.1 was magical, but after that I found Windows increasingly limited, inefficient and boring.


Gentoo Linux with Cinnamon for the desktop (though I don't actually use the desktop for much other than browsing the web and multiplexing terminal windows).

Primary reasons for choosing a UNIX-like system:

  • I want a real package manager. Chocolatey is OK on Windows, but it's severely hamstrung by the fact that the very design of Windows doesn't allow for sensible package management (you know, like not needing to reboot to actually install updates).
  • I want a real command line in a real terminal. The console host on Windows is horrendous, and neither CMD.exe nor PowerShell provide sensible CLI environments (my complaints start with the lack of an escape character and go on for quite a while after that).

Primary reasons for picking Linux (over macOS, BSD, or some other UNIX derivative):

  • I want a real VFS layer that doesn't cause problems. The VFS layer in macOS is at least better than the NTVFS in Windows, but still has issues (case insensitivity is a pain in the arse for so many reasons). FreeBSD is also decent, but too limited for my liking (your choices are pretty much UFS or ZFS, and neither behaves the way I expect a filesystem to behave).
  • I want control over my whole system. Not possible on Windows, because even Adminisrator doesn't have full rights. Not possible on macOS because root is functionally at least partially deaggregated in a way that you can't actually do a lot of things without jumping through flaming hoops or voiding your warranty.
  • I want good software compatibility. Among the UNIX derivatives, Linux is pretty much the top of the list on this one. FreeBSD comes close, but you have to jump through hoops to pull it off there.
  • I want good hardware support. Similar to software support, Linux effectively comes out on top here among UNIX-like platforms.

As far as Gentoo and Cinnamn, at this point it's because it's what I'm used to. I originally started with Ubuntu, moved to Debian because of disliking some of the choices made in Ubuntu, and then migrated o Gentoo pretty quickly when i got tired of having to rebuild half the system myself when installing updates just to get the configurations/versions of software that I wanted.

Note, however, that there is exactly one area I still use Windows: gaming. It's technically possible to game on Linux these days, but that usually translates to losing out on being able to play newer games without performance issues (or at all).


You are correct, there are lots of restrictions to windows.

See most Dev uses windows only for either game or Photoshop and video editing.


I've used all three choices enough that I don't really have a favorite; they all have their unique way of pissing me off :P

I love macOS. It's a beautiful OS, I am able to customize it exactly the way I prefer, and it's nice having a UNIX terminal. I just hate Apple pricing. I can't justify paying for a MacBook Pro, it simply isn't worth it. Fortunately, I get one through work, but if that wasn't the case, I'd be hoping my 2012 MBP lasts a few more months.

I use Linux mainly for server stuff, so I am pretty fond of Debian. Windows can be a pain, but I'm pretty used to dealing with it. It's what I run on my desktop, with VMs for Linux.


But in reality: Windows for work (have to), and arch for personal


I can understand, using window because of companies software and other restrictions.


I love Linux Manjaro/Arch, but i work with Photoshop, so, I get stucked on windows 10 :(


For photoshop you are bound to use windows 10.

  1. Fedora Linux is pretty rad for me.