What is the new tech stack you learned during Quarantine?

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Little curious (11 Part Series)

1) How does dev.to choose which post should be on the top? 2) Is PHP Dying? 3 ... 9 3) Have you ever used COBOL? 4) What is a project, you are really proud of? 5) If you were a recruiter, what would be your recruiting criteria? 6) What are the weird things people ask you, when they comes to know you are a developer? 7) What is your favourite operating system? 8) What is the best Node.js template engine? 9) A feature upgrade for the dev platform πŸ’‘ 10) What rest API authentication method do you prefer? 11) What is the new tech stack you learned during Quarantine?

I am curious to know what is the tech stack you learned or learning during this Quarantine period and why?

I have learned nodejs and MongoDB and currently learning expressjs


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I learned about REST API's in general. I didn't have a clue about it. Once I learned what it was, turns out I've using REST API's all along, only now I've learned some standards.

And currently I'm learning Gatsby and how to use it in combination with WordPress. It feels like a big 'ole mess, but let's keep on keeping on!

Good luck all!


There is a WpGraphQl plugin which I strongly recommend to test for headless WordPress with gatsby on front.

You can use it with WpGraphiQl and WpGraphQl-ACF which are both works great and give you ability to create queries right in your wp-admin

good luck


K8s, Aws Architect exam, Mastering docker... :) learning full devops tech stack!


I'm currently learning Go. Once I'm finish I will share my journey and resources in a post. You can find the repo here: Let's Go


I am relearning PHP and MySQL. When I finish the project I'm working on, I'm going to start Laravel.