What is a project, you are really proud of?

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Here is a serious of questions for all you awesome developers:

  1. What is a project you are really proud of?
  2. What was it's tech stack?
  3. Was it personal or commercial?
  4. Is it still active?

This post can help those too, who want idea for their next project.


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  1. I photographed every sunrise of 2019, and so far every sunrise of 2020

  2. Hugo / IMGIX / Netlify / jQuery / Dark Sky API / Google Maps API / Adobe Lightroom / Flickr / Snipcart

  3. Personal

  4. Yes. yearofthesunrise.com


Wow! That's so cool! ✨


Wow! Don't know if you kept records of your bearings (compass direction you pointed your camera) but if you did, you plotted an analemma.


I do have records of all my bearings, however I wasn't in the same location for each sunrise.

I want to buy the print where Did the sun rise: == No


This is really really cool. Nice work!


Man, this is wow. Give me time to explore it more.

  1. I created the Slim Launcher sduduzog.github.io/slim-launcher/

  2. Native android, written in kotlin

  3. Very personal. I've declined countless offers to buy, because I know they'll just shove ads on it.

  4. It's active but I still need to work on it, to make it more contributor friendly


I've reached the conclusion that "monetization equals value subtraction" is probably an actual law of economics, and as non-negotiable as the laws of physics. I've also come to suspect that that thought, and that alone, might be the one thing standing in the way of my losing amateur status.


What was your strategy for marketing, i saw that you have 50,000+ downloads and this is a very good number for a startup project.


Nothing specific. Just a couple of articles here and just working on the app. I guess the Google play algorithm found me my target market. I noticed that the more small releases I did, the more users I got


How generous, you declined the offer. That's amazing, most people won't do this.

I am going to check it right now.πŸ‘


I swore to myself to always keep it free. Apart from a couple of coffees I've received 😁, which by the way have came in handy when I need an emergency uber ride if I have no spare change


What is a project you are really proud of?

I made Postwoman - A free, fast and beautiful API request builder (web alternative to Postman)

What was it's tech stack?

  • Frontend: Vue, Nuxt, HTML, SCSS, JavaScript
  • DB: Firebase Firestore
  • Auth: Firebase Auth
  • Hosting: Netlify, Firebase Hosting

Was it personal or commercial?

Started as personal, grew into community maintained

Is it still active?


URL: postwoman.io/
Repo: github.com/liyasthomas/postwoman


I feel like this blew up right in front of me. At one point I saw your first post about it and told myself, "I'll probably contribute later when the repo matures" and the repo matured so much so fast that it now feels like the project is 5 years old or something. congratulations and thank you for creating such a wonderful product


Fact: Postwoman is only 7 months old and have 18,000+ stars on GitHub 🌱

Thanks for the encouragement. I really appreciate it. Hoping your contributions β™₯️

The project it great. I have already registered and started checking if my rest calls are working properly using postwoman.io

  1. MC Chunk Get V1 & V2.
    • Small utility to get a chunks diagonal boundary coordinates in Minecraft to help with building farms, villages, and whatnot...
    • Not necessarily anything advanced, but it was fun for me & something I use often.
  2. V1 is written in AutoHotkey for Windows, V2 is cross-platform in Python/QT.
  3. Personal; I'm a 20+ year "hobbyist?" I guess you can say; though I've written code almost daily for that long.
  4. Both are still active and usable.
    • The AHK version is Windows only, but only 1MB.
    • The Python version is for Windows and Linux, but even when all excess modules are pulled it's still 15+MBs
    • Both work well and do the exact same thing.

I'm currently working on a Ms-Settings Explorer to add to my suite of Windows settings explorers and then after that I plan to add more math/measurement tools to a Minecraft suite.

If you care to check out MC Chunk Get:

MC Chunk Get V1
MC Chunk Get V2


Cool. I've bookmarked it πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€§


Yes, even I saw your post too. already bookmarked 2-3 posts


Hi there,

There're 4 (side) projects I've built that I like most. In order of importance (to me) they are:

  1. Mail Shield, the latest, still young, it creates random aliases (aka shields) to Gmail accounts helping people to stop giving their email away when subscribing to online services out there. Alongside a password manager, it's a powerful tool for fighting SPAM and Phishing emails. πŸ›‘

  2. 3o2, the oldest, released in 2017, is a URL shortener service powered by a simple and open API. Initially built to my exclusive use (for getting really short addresses) I opened it up 3 months later when some friends started asking me to use. 🎯

  3. Seed-PHP, is a PHP microframework for RESTful APIs. Built to help me get started with my own projects, it is quite simple if compared to other microframeworks but it implements some very interesting helpers, such as the built-in wrapper for Mailgun. 🦾

  4. Seed-CSS, is essentially a CSS boilerplate. I've written its first lines around 2015 and it started as a simple grid system to help me out with responsive websites. As time passed, I was implementing more and more features and today its's a fully-featured CSS boilerplate (or perhaps a CSS framework). A simple, yet cool alternative to Bootstrap or Materialize. πŸ€“

All are side (aka personal) projects, are still active and were built using one of the following: Vue.js, Plain Javascript, Sass, PHP and MySQL.

Feedbacks are all very welcome! πŸ˜‰



Interesting. I have to check this out.


Great, Joshi! Go for it and lemme know if you have any feedback. 🍻


For me is tinytina.

Command-line http client. Is like the mix of curl and postman that nobody asked for.

  • Tech stack: Javascript
  • It's personal
  • Not active at the moment. It already does everything I want. I got no reason to add more things (yet).

For me is the first project that has evolved from a lonely bash script to a real cli utility with proper documentation and user friendly error messages.


Amazing work.

  1. TypeScript JSON decoder github.com/venil7/json-decoder (please give me a star on GitHub)
  2. TypeScript, my library provides type safety compile and runtime
  3. personal, but used in many commrecial environments
  4. very much - please create a PR

Let me use it once. If I will find a bug, I will raise a pr.

  1. I am only 15, but I’ve made an app that lets students tell their teachers when they are late. And teachers can see the list of students who were late for the lesson. My friend did Android part, I made for iOS.
  2. SwiftUI + Firebase

The app is in Russian
Link apps.apple.com/ru/app/latelit/id14...


Hahaha. I would never tell my teacher you are lateπŸ˜….

Great work at such a young age.



  1. Personal project
  2. Implement on 1 week.
  3. Just for fun.



I already started playing the game, but it is taking me time to understand how to play and being familiar with this game.

I'm not really good at poker.

But, the project is brilliant, and can't believe you did in a week.

  1. PreocupyJS. A library which helps to remote control JavaScript application ib browser.
  2. TypeScript
  3. It is a part of a commercial remote control solution, but the library itself is 100% open sourced!
  4. I think so!

PS. I have been planning to write a post dedicated PreocupyJS for a while. And still haven't done that.At least I have a meetup footage.


Not sure, I understood it properly.
I tried running it, but it is like an infinite loop of my screen is there on my browser screen.

Now, I am going to watch the video and will update you.


Yeah, it might happen if you selected the entire screen sharing instead of one tab. There is a common issue while demonstrating it on one PC. If you need any help reach me out anywhere by @iketari


I'm a quotes nerd, and i was disappointed by the visual massacre that are most Quotes websites, full of "social sharing" gimmicks, burying the beautiful quote under a lot of visual noise.
So I made myself a repository of quotes, back in 2013 and have kept working on it to this day. I use it to keep learning and experimenting with frontend and backend stuff. Also, growth-hacking, SEO, etc...
I also made a small service : get a beautiful quote in your mail box at 9AM sharp, to start the day on the right foot. I have 160+ subscribers at the moment. thatsthespir.it it is :-)


That's the spirit. Building project to overcome the problems you are facing.


  1. Created in 2014 an IoT Communication Platform + Mashup UI which allowed us to connect and play around with different hardware.
    Result: We had a "security case" where a Door Cam triggers Notification + Push to Phone and other devices (TV).
    Also: I broke 2 parrot drones when I was trying to setup Terminator Like Security Case πŸ˜‚ so yes, it was a research project where we decided only known people can enter our floor others are "droned".

  2. Completely Javascript. Nodejs, Node-RED (OSS), Socket.io, Angularjs 1.x, OpenCV

  3. Research with rather commercial purpose

  4. Not really.


This is good.

It took me 3-4 reads to understand the project πŸ˜…


Hahaha. Yeah, it was a complex thing in 2014 πŸ˜…

I enjoyed playing around with "Skynet" scenarios and the parrot drones a lot πŸ˜ƒ


I just started learning React and reusable components and in my first week, I made a BoJack Horseman Bio page. This is the link to it: 38xrw.codesandbox.io/.

It is a personal project and I am hoping to expand on it. If anyone has any suggestions on how to make it better I'm all ears.


Keep working and do expand it.

Let me check the website and see if I have some better ideas regarding it.


Will do, let me know what you think when you've had a look

  1. I created the Progress DataDigger, the freeware Progress database explorer

  2. Fully written in Progress ABL

  3. Personal

  4. Yes, check here and on GitHub


I can see it. It will prove helpful when managing lots and lots of table.

Good job.😊


A bit different type of 'project'..

  1. Setting up the CI/CD process for our latest Flutter project.
  2. Gitlab CI, Docker, Flutter, Git, Firebase App Distribution, TestFlight, Android, iOS
  3. A bit of both. For my company, but spent a lot of free time on it as it was not planned and I was just interested
  4. Yes, and it will serve as an example for next projects

Nice work man

  1. Hyperpug, i.e. smaller Pug.js for the browser.
    • This works well with Markdown as described here.
    • I just want a non-closing tag syntax, really. That's why I love Pug. Indentation should be optional.
  2. TypeScript, non-Node.js
  3. Personal
  4. Not anymore. Looking for maintainers.

This is exciting.

  1. prettier/plugin-pug
  2. TypeScript, pug-lexer and prettier
  3. personal / open source
  4. Yes, ~2k-2.5k downloads per week

That is one big achievement.


  1. My desktop automation framework

    GitHub logo nut-tree / nut.js

    Native UI testing / controlling with node

    nut.js (Native UI Toolkit) Build Status SonarCloud badge SonarCloud Coverage Downloads per month

    Native UI testing / automation with node.js

    Built with opencv4nodejs



    nut.js is a cross-platform native UI automation / testing tool.

    It allows for native UI interactions via keyboard and / or mouse but additionally gives you the possibility to navigate the screen based on image matching.


    The following snippet shows a valid NUT example (on macOS)

    "use strict"
    const { keyboard, Key, mouse, left, right, up, down, screen } = require("@nut-tree/nut-js")
    const square = async () => {
      await mouse.move(right(500))
      await mouse.move(down(500));
      await mouse.move(left(500));
      await mouse.move(up(500));
    const openSpotlight = async () => {
      await keyboard.pressKey(Key.LeftSuper);
  2. TypeScript, node, N-API, OpenCV, Travis-CI, Appveyor

  3. Both personal and professional. It's a project of myself, but we're also using it in our E2E testing and monitoring tool Sakuli

  4. It's active and happily under development


Amazing project.

Good to see that the project is personal and professional at same time. You ought to be proud of this project.

  1. fart.bar
  2. nuxt / vue
  3. personal, for now
  4. yah, just launched the site

What in the world 🀣 🀣 🀣


What in the world πŸ˜‚


Fart to inspire. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

What is the world.

  1. A mod for a very new indie game called Vintage Story that maps the game world in realtime.
  2. The main backend is written in C# by the main developer, the GUI is JS and HTML written by me :)
  3. Personal.
  4. It's still very in development.
  1. I collect and stream good quality documentaries (imho). Not exactly legal, but not illegal either (I am not hosting the videos)
  2. ASP.NET MVC5,SQL,js
  3. Personal
  4. Yes ihavenotv.com
  1. Parsinator
  2. It's a Net Standard library to parse pdf and plain-text files
  3. Personal
  4. Kind of. There's a slightly similar version in production in a project for a past work

So, from what I read on Github, all I understood is that it is parse a PDF and plain-text files and generates a Machine parsable XML file.

Parsinator allows you to extract relevant information from any text-based file.

By this line, you mean that it only parses the main content, the actual information and ignore lots of unnecessary details, like date, page number. right?
If this is the case then there might be lots and lots of base cases you have taken care of.

Tell me if my understanding is wrong.

I need to dig deeper now, as it sounds interesting.


Yes, you're right. The idea was to parse from a set of composable rules or "parsers" the relevant information from a pdf or a plain text file. It was heavily inspired by parsers combinators from Haskell. The main use case was given a pdf for a multi-page invoice, create an xml to feed a REST API.


The most public-facing of my projects have been my browser extensions. I develop extensions for Firefox and Chromium.

  1. My favorite is Persistent Highlighter, but Facebook Usability Suite is more popular
  2. Like browser extensions in general, they're in Javascript, using the WebExtensions API.
  3. Absolutely noncommercial. I'm not going to sell my brainchildren to entrepreneur types to be turned from good-faith efforts to make browsing better, into little packets of malware.
  4. Yes, but user counts are a tiny fraction of what they were before Mozilla ditched Add-on SDK in favor of WebExtensions. I don't know if it's because Firefox is hemorrhaging audience share, or maybe using it without extensions is the thing these days. And of course everything required a major rewrite to make the transition. Many popular add-ons (and at least one of mine) literally couldn't be implemented in the new system, so I think a lot of FF users gave up either on FF or on add-ons.

It's like now I can Mark Important stuff in every page, not just only in some selected site.

I have to install it.

  1. I created my personal blog (almost) from scratch - code4it.dev/
  2. Gatsby, React, GraphQL
  3. Personal
  4. Yes

I know, a personal blog is not a big project. But considering that I'm a backend developer and I've never worked with any of the technologies in the stack, it's a BIG project for me :)


See, it's doesn't always have to be really big.

If you have learned a lot from it and you are proud of it. That's everything.

  1. rilis, it shows the latest releases of the artists you follow on Spotify
  2. Vue and Vuex, SCSS
  3. It is a personal project, I hate that Spotify doesn't show you all the releases of the artists you follow in chronological order, so I made this thing
  4. Yes, but no, but yes.

There are no recent commits, but I'm always trying to make a second version, even tho it's hard to make something look good while having to show so many things 😱
The fetch is so freaking slow because the APIs give you a list of 50 songs per artist/page that are not even in chronological order, and you get rate limited almost always as well...

Why am I proud of this piece of garbage? It was the first serious thing that I did in Vue (and there are some obvious errors), and it kinda got me a job after dropping out of college πŸ‘€


I gotta use to stay updated with my fav. Artist.

Going to try it now😊

  1. react-basic-hooks -- It's a library which provides type definitions and functions for using React hooks within PureScript (a typed, functional language which compiles to JavaScript). I'm proud of it because it's able to validate whether hook usage is safe (static ordering, no conditionals, etc) completely at compile time. It was also a task which was extremely daunting when I first began, but I learned a lot during the process!

  2. PureScript, JavaScript, React

  3. Personal, though I use it regularly at work now

  4. Yep!


What is a project you are really proud of?

I created a Toster Maker iwaniukooo11.github.io/toster-app/
In fact, it's wirttien in polish language but an interface is very readable

What was it's tech stack?

React + Redux + Firebase + CSS Modules

Was it personal or commercial?

I made it for my self to sum up my skills

Is it still active?

Yes, sure. Here you can create your tost: iwaniukooo11.github.io/toster-app/ and this is repo: github.com/Iwaniukooo11/toster-app


1) EthairBalloons, A strictly typed ORM library for Ethereum blockchain.

2) Node.JS library

3) A personal one. It is a spin-off of my thesis.

4) It is very active and I would be really glad to see you contributing!


Man, I have to check this project out.
Blockchain are really fascinating stuffs.

  1. stayhomeandlearn.org/
  2. Bootstrap, Python (Jinja). Hosting on AWS.
  3. Personal
  4. Yes, it is! :)

Directory of courses. Interesting


Thank you!


This is great.




Same question, why the name git-zone

  1. My blog! Love to have a personal space to test, learn and share.
  2. Ruby (Middleman).
  3. Personal.
  4. Yep, I'll keep posting stuff during this year. lautarolobo.xyz :)

Good job. One stop for all your work and blogs. Nice.


I developed the first real e-payment website in my country for the public post company, it was the first project in my professional career.


Good job Buddy. πŸ‘πŸ‘