What are the weird things people ask you, when they comes to know you are a developer?

mayankjoshi profile image mayank joshi ・1 min read

Certain times it happens with me, when someone from non CS background comes to know I am a software developer, they ask me weird questions like:

  1. Can you hack Facebook?(Literally I find this hilarious 😂😂)
  2. Can you break my phones pattern/password.
  3. WiFi is not working in my phone, can you please check?
  4. Can you design app like Instagram?
  5. Can you design a game for me?
  6. Why my phone is slow, can you please check?


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Hahah they ask if I’m a hacker 😂, I think most devs can relate.


I can relate buddy😂


oh I get calls like that really, I am totally relating with you lol, it is hilarious, I don't even use Linux lol to start with... hahahaha :)


They offer me 50/50 equity to help them build an app that'll make us rich.


Help them build the app with all top class features. 😂😂

Getting rich has never been this easy.


This one is definitely crazy lol


always ask me if I can hack facebook XD