Share your personal blog or résumé website

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Do you have a personal blog or résumé website?

Please share a link 🔗 to it here so that we all can see it, review it or get some ideas.

Thank you.

I will start.

Here is the link to my personal blog - nlogn.in

Please review it and give me feedback.

Me on twitter 🎉


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I’m not blogging at the moment, but here is my personal website. I’m also working on this project, which allows you to track errors and get analytics data for your website.


I love your website. It's look amazing. Could you tell me how to build it? I mean how the transition or animation.


Thank you, Chen. It uses the native Svelte animations. You can find the source code on my GitHub.


Sure looks very sharp 👍🏻
Just something minor I came across: my adblocker blocked the logos for GitHub etc.
and where did you get such a nice sketch of yours? :)


Thanks for the heads-up, Bernhard. I'm not very familiar with adblockers, do you have any idea of how to prevent this from happening and I got it from Fiverr.

hmm that is a tricky business to debug. First of all, my blocking strategy is rather strict, so don't worry too much about this. If I'd have to guess i would say that the path may be a problem since these logos reside in the socialButtons folder, which may be the reason for the block. But once again my blocking is pretty strict, so you might as well ignore that issue.

Do you still have the name of the artist/seller? :)


Here's mine: bobbyiliev.com

It's based on Laravel and bootstrap but I'm planning to redesign it soon and possibly use Tailwind CSS instead.

I'm also working on another projected called devdojo.com which is based on Laravel, Tailwind CSS and Vue!


My side project is Up Your A11y - it's a collection of posts and tutorials for devs looking to make their apps more accessible 😊 It has a bit of a React leaning but I hope to expand it soon!


ryansmith.tech - it's work in progress, it just has my posts on there for now.


Ok, my link is to my pet project, but I do mentioned it in my resume and now I don't have much time to work on it because I got hired :-D
It is built from scratch by me, every line of code is mine, no third party libraries, styles, scripts. Feel free to use it, if you in to Pokemon go


My personal English site doesn't attempt to be a full on resume as such, it is much more sort of a portfolio mostly on my hobby side of things. I guess I should put a bit more work on my work background and achievements, and think about the representation in general a bit more since I am looking for a job right now. And it would make sense to keep some history anyway so you don't forget it yourself :)

The design is an inspiration combined from Final Fantasy IX and Heroes of Might and Magic III. There are a few unusual things on the site you don't often have, like a non-mouse finger pointer that appears on active and hovered links, links have sound effects, and serif font on a design that isn't black on white or white on black. On technical side the site is working with good old Server Side Includes, is plain HTML and CSS with minimal JS to have support for playing multiple simultaneous sounds.



I love this!! 😄 so awesome


My Blog
Actually just rebuilt it yesterday. I used Gatsby and their blog starter. Changed up the typography a little and thats it. I kept getting distracted when writing post with my old blog because I always wanted to tinker with the actual site. Hopefully I'll be less distracted and actually start writing some quality content


I do have a blog. I mostly write about functional programming in javascript.


I was actually working on my portfolio website around 3 months ago. Designed this all by myself from scratch. Since then, I've learnt react, gatsby and next.js and right now I'm in the phase of migrating this design to react based stack, for improved performance. Still most of the design will remain the same. You can have a look here : ishandeveloper.com


Moreover, I have also created a personal blog of my own using Gatsby. I'd love for you to have a look at it here : blog.ishandeveloper.com
ishandeveloper Blog



Not Completely built, but almost ready cause I switched from light theme to dark theme and the page is still not ready;
The fonts-family, font-color, background images and color are to still be wisely choosen.

And wrote a blog too.. on devto


I've been working on my blog for some time now, but finding the time and consistency to keep writing is still a challenge. ^,^"


Oh wow. These are all very inspiring. I’ve been working on a new blog for the past few weeks. It’s not finished yet. The content needs some work. I also want to inject some more colour. I’ve taken a JamStack approach using Azure Static Web Apps and Github Actions to build and publish the site. The last build included a bug that injected my name all over the site, instead of the article titles 🤦🏻‍♂️.



Here is mine blog, created few months ago devz.life


I love your blog, it has a really nice design. Here's my mine tomfern.com


Thank you.

I looked at your blog, it's extremely fast. What is your tech stack?


It's a static website built with gatsby. The theme is called lumen. Mostly, I tweaked a few settings and added my content.


Like just about everything I do, my personal site is a work in progress as I learn more! jldohmann.netlify.app/

It's very simple...HTML/CSS on the frontend, no frameworks. I redid the backend part recently to template everything with Jinja2/Flask, then used Frozen-Flask to static-fy the site.


I take that you like sorting algorithms... but neat site -- looks commercial

Here's mine: wulymammoth.github.io/posts/ (blog), but feel free to check out the homepage. I'm not much of a designer anymore as I write more about software than anything else now :)


I'm starting to make my site, I would appreciate some feedback My site. Thanks


I've started my blog a few weeks ago. Just one article was published.
Here's my site: joaquinwojcik.com
Here's my blog: blog.joaquinwojcik.com


Mine is garybell.co.uk

Blog is current, pages are imported from and old site. I need update it.

Design is basic as it uses a free theme for Ghost


modevelops.com - would love some feedback on how to make it better 🤓


Here is mine for newbies in tech or want to join tech career. Check it out : jointech-ng.com


Here's mine: Let's learn about

Basically, ramblings about the industry, tips for beginners, and Python, Django and Node.JS tutorials


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I'm sure all yours beat mine by 100x but i'm proud of it :)


Here is mine => umairhafeez.com

Very basic but something's better than nothing ;-)


My portfolio is still pretty rough around the edges, but I am planning on redesigning it before I start applying for internships! :)