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re: In any case, I don't agree that Udemy having this kind of terrible content says anything about the quality of their IT and programming content. I...

Ashlee really said it best in her response. I'll just add that as a white man, I've likely had a similar experience where this misogynistic culture doesn't affect me and therefore I could just dismiss it.

But I don't. I think a better option is listening with empathy, showing support, and believing others' lived experiences and concerns seriously without a) dismissing them below my own or b) making my own experiences the focus when at the time it should be on theirs.

So I'd recommend doing that. Until then, I'll take your advice and feel free to disregard your comments here.

Last comment I promise. Everyone should be allowed to be a part of the conversation. I was trying to be a part of it. I'm sorry you've lost people in the community, I don't know about what happened. I don't want anyone left out, especially because of who or what they are. I'm sorry that I upset everyone, that wasn't my intent. Goodbye.

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