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Future Developer Summit in 10 pictures

maxkatz profile image Max Katz Originally published at on ・3 min read

On September 24-25 I attended the Future Developer Summit in Menlo Park, CA. It’s an event where about 60+ leaders discuss the future of developer marketing and developer relations. Here are pictures from the event. _I created collages so you will see more than 10 pictures 😉

Willie Tejada from IBM shared that top-bottom approach is being replaced with bottom-up approach where management grants permission and developers make decisions

Lori Fraleigh from Samsung shared diversity journey

Leandro Margulis from TomTom shared what they learned from building an inclusive developer community

Successes and failures from 4 developer programs leaders with Diego Moreira (Facebook), Tim Falls (Digital Ocean), Leandro Margulis (TomTom), Lori Fraleigh (Samsung). Moderated by Moschoula Kramvousanou (Slash Data)

Diane Prescott from Microsoft shared how to be relevant to developers regardless of age

Michael Carraz from Slash Data shared the latest developer trends from their research. Above Michael is showing what core program features organizations should offer by region

Luke Kilpatrick from Nutanix shared this statistics that hows the growing developer influence

Francisco Romero from Amadeus IT group shared how they built a new developer program

Sid Maestre from Xero shared how they put together a developer roadshow

Successes and failures from 5 developer programs leaders with: Sara Chipps (Stackoverflow), Nick Schwartz (Banco Santader), Amanda Whaley (Cisco), Jarred Keneally & Cassie Divine (Intuit), Ellie Powers (Slack)

Here are a few more pictures (because why not). These pictures show the new edition of Developer Marketing + Relations book and some interesting data from Slash Data.

2nd edition of Developer Marketing + Relations book

What developer program leaders do all day

The millions dollar question

Developer programs and priorities

Overall it was a great event (I will have notes posted soon). It was small (about 60 people), this means you can meet almost everyone. I hope to be back next year.

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