re: Manage your dev.to blog posts from a GIT repo and use continuous deployment to auto publish/update them VIEW POST

re: Maxime, first of all, thanks for the cool idea 👍 I have a couple of questions/suggestions: (on Jay's concern) Why not try to use dev.to API's POS...

Hi Fyodor, thanks :)!

1) It'd be great for sure to have something in command line and we've got an issue here github.com/maxime1992/dev-to-git/i... if you have further ideas on that please share there

2) I did not as I'm not yet familiar with github actions. I'd be happy to have a PR if you feel like it though! :) Could you please open an issue first there github.com/maxime1992/dev-to-git/i... so we can discuss it and then we can talk about a PR


Thanks for the coordination Maxime! Zak's ideas on id handling look comprehensive, they just need to be implemented) As for github actions, I'm not very familiar with that too, need to research, and I would be happy to contribute if I have enough time, you know. Added the issue to discuss further 👌

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