re: Do you ever get frustrated with your Junior Developer(s)? VIEW POST


I do.

And it's not because they ask questions so frequently, but because they don't ask the right questions. It's easy to rely on someone who knows more than you and maintain a low responsibility position as long as you can, so you can just ask for the solution of your problem rather than asking for techniques to solve it.

This leads not only to repeated questions (annoying), but also to frustration for me if I can't manage to answer quickly. Because, it should be noted, I make mistakes too. And, I'm sure, more often than I can imagine.

That being said...

I also get frustrated with them if they don't ask questions! And rather try to solve their problems with convoluted, over-engineered, poorly thought, gullible and simplistic solutions. I appreciated initiative a lot, but always take your time to ask yourself: "Am I doing the right thing or I'll end messing everything up?"

That's something that I do on a regular basis and kept my sanity for so long. So, just remember that being shy won't lead you anywhere, and spit your doubts out.

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