Discussion on: What CS concepts should self-taught and bootcamp devs learn?

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Matthew Clark

This is something I think about a lot. As a bootcamp grad myself, I attempted to have a go at SICP. Although interesting, I put the book down since Im not sure how many concepts were sinking in for me. Alot of people have mentioned it makes you a better dev to struggle through that book, so ill for sure give it another shot later in my life/career.

As someone who is more interested in backend web development, I am always trying to understand what books and core concepts from computer science I might be missing. On the other hand, I definitely learn best by doing. Although I have gotten to the point where I am holding myself back from even attempting to learn languages like Go since I feel like I am not ready to fully grasp them.

Apart from the regular interview-prep theory (Algorithms and DS), can anyone recommend some good books or maybe practical courses that cover the foundations of programming and that are less about CS theory?


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Annie Taylor Chen

I refer to teachyourselfcs.com/
I just got four books from amazon including the two they recommended most to people having less time.