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I struggle with this all the time. It’s probably a topic that I think about the most during my day. As much as I love working across the whole stack, I also believe that that being a master of one is better than being a jack of all trades. However there’s many factors that play into this, most specialist developers are hired by big corporations, which may not be where I want to take my career. There is also many other factors, but that would mean I’ll ramble on for ages 🙃

Do you think as a full stack developer, you can never have the same in-depth knowledge as specialists? Would love to hear your thoughts.


I agree with you where it is more likely larger organisations would take on specialists rather than smaller organisations.

A full-stack developer with a specialism is actually a T-shaped developer? Would you agree? Because the long vertical line is their specialism, while the horizontal line is their breadth in knowledge across other areas? 🙂

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