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re: I think Tailwind has its place in very large, complicated web projects. You don't have to worry about the size and scalability of your stylesheet e...

Tailwind 1.4 actually bakes in purgeCSS into the tailwind config file! Now, when the NODE_ENV is production it will purge the output!

Also, I would argue that the things you talk about needing to "fight the framework" is just stuff you should be extending to tailwind with something like postcss imports!


That's exactly my point. Writing new extensions just to be able to write normal CSS is fighting the framework.

I may have misspoke, I do not think you should ever need to write extensions to extend tailwind.

I think instead, you should write normal PostCSS and import it into the same file that is being bundled, kinda I do here.

This way, you can maintain your own custom base, component, and utility styles and use them in conjunction with Tailwind's generated classes!

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