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Instant Deployable Next.js Ecommerce Webshop

mattvb91 profile image Matthias von Bargen ・2 min read

Over the last few weeks a lot of the puzzle pieces have come together on our roadmap to building our jamstack ecommerce interpretation "DerShop".

Nextjs ecommerce webshop

Vercel instant Deploy

With Vercels deploy button integration you can now directly deploy our Nextjs ecommerce example. You can clone this into your Github / Bitbucket or Gitlab accounts.

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The default deployment will build a static faker.json file with generated faker data that is included in your deployment.

Over the coming weeks/months we will improve this nextjs ecommerce template to allow you to directly bootstrap a FaunaDB instance and quickly have a deployment set up linked with database. If you want to set up your FaunaDB manually you can read more here

We make use of next.js static generation with data during the build phase to just push finished HTML into the Vercel CDN. Further down the road we plan to improve this to also include incremental static generation.

What now?

As we are building DerShop as a Corejam application which underneath uses Stencil.js for its routes / components we are planning on supporting all Stencil output targets so you can build your jamstack ecommerce project inside your favourite frameworks.

The current next.js build is using the React output targets. If you feel like you could help use get a vue.js / Angular or Ember samples up and running please get in touch with us!!


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