Modern React interview questions for junior developers

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Here's an example of an interview-style question that's common in junior React frontend interviews.

Mainly, they want you to show that you know the ins and outs of how to work with the framework.

This is a real phone screen question I had when I was interviewing for my first fronted role, including ES6, list mapping, click events, etc.

Also, updated to use React Hooks!

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Great post. I'm super intimidated by the interview process and videos like this really help. I watched and then redid it myself in codesandbox as quick as I could without referencing your vid or any googling. A great exercise IMO. I'm trying to work on my speed so I can "code with confidence!" I know this stuff but sometimes google/stack overflow becomes a bit of a crutch. Thanks for posting!


It's something that I (and many other people) still struggle with as well. I don't expect the imposter syndrome to ever go away, but with practice everything becomes easier. That's awesome that you were able to do it with no reference! The more experience you get with interviewing, the more confidence you'll gain!

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