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Matt Smithies Author

Hey, 👋

So a couple of things, we have a core set of tags, consider them categories. At the moment we have 8 or so, our 46k pieces of content have been tagged with 68k times with the aforementioned categories. New categories/tags will be added going forward.

We are primarily using text, at this time but are exploring other media and more ML-like predictive techniques, using the approach of new sources of data and tagging accordingly. I imagine the service will become more sophisticated over time.

The best way to think about it is what Film ratings provides but a degree where we utilize raw community, review data, and anything we can get our hands-on.

So for the Alexa skill we are building, imagine being able to tell save your content preferences for your friends and each member of your family, then ask if a film is suitable based on the people sitting on the sofa with you.

With this feedback I probably need to get my copy on my landing page a touch clearer.