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Project 2 Blog Post

mattmrak profile image MattMrak ・2 min read
 This project was a fun one. My inspiration for this app was one of my passions; traveling. I wanted to build an app that would keep track of all the destinations I have visited, along with some cool functionality. To turn this idea into a working app, I needed to utilize Sinatra MVC.

 The first step to make this app become a reality was to be able to create a user. A user needs to have email and password credentials, with validations for each. Along with that a user needs to have a session[:user_id] set to keep track of each user and the destinations they create. After this, Models need to be set up so that a User has_many destinations and a Destination belongs_to a User. This is where the validations for a user are created. A few Controllers are needed to handle the routes for how the app runs and CRUD actions. An application_controller, a destinations_controller, a sessions_controller, and a users_controller. The CRUD actions are created in the destinations_controller. A user needs to be able to Create a new destination that will be added to their list, Read all of the destinations on their list, Update a destination from their list, and Delete a destination from their list. To help make all of that possible, Views is needed. Files in the Views directory contain forms that are executed each time the user makes a selection on their browser. This is also where we can do some CSS styling. 

 CSS styling is something I get lost in for hours. There are so man possibilities for what you can do. You can fully customize your web app to your liking - from the text font/color to a navigation bar. "" helped me out a lot with my CSS styling. There is so much useful information, and good examples of how to put CSS styling into your code.
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