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Discussion on: Share your team-building stories

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Matt Lancaster

I'm one of those unicorns. Ya know, the extroverted developer, so I can love a good team building event. Unfortunately most are forced and unnecessary. Since our small agile team, in the large pond, has come together we've talked about last day of the increment (retro) being an afternoon "team building" event.

For the most part these are the "work friends" that I normally eat with, work with, and sometimes hang out with. Anything after work is a "no-no" for me as I have a 70 mile commute and a wife and 2 kids waiting for me at home.

I think the worst part about team building is the "voluntold" attitude surrounding it. It's up to you if you'd like to participate, it isn't mandatory ... BUT ... it won't look good. I'm up for trying new things and growing relationships (teams work better if more tightly knit [IMO]), but lets do it with out being corny, rigid, and full of BS.