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Discussion on: What are your favorite non-technical podcasts?

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Matt Lancaster
  1. Reply All, this was one stated in an earlier comment. It's fun, quirky, and informative.

  2. TWiT - This Week in Tech - Top Tech journalists talk about the stories in tech throughout the week. Hosted by Leo Laporte

  3. My Dad Wrote a Porno [NSFW] - 3 Friends, one whose Dad wrote an erotic novel, read a chapter per week and critique it. Super Funny but not for everyone.

  4. Note to Self - The intersection of humanity and technology - reflects on aspects of technology such as addiction, privacy, etc.

  5. Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me - A fun and hilarious weekly news, radio game show.

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Joshua Ballanco • Edited on

"Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" is my weekly guilty pleasure. All my other podcasts I listen to at 1.8x, but for "Wait, Wait..." I slow down to 1.5x