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Dataplicity | Remote Terminal for Raspberry Pi

Matthias Merkl
A passionate frontend developer from Germany
・2 min read

What is Dataplicity

Dataplicity is a remote terminal for your Pi. It offers functionality similar to SSH, but it doesn't need any complex set-up to get it working behind firewalls and NAT.

Get started with Dataplicity

Step 1:

You should ABSOLUTELY change the password of your raspberry pi (if you have not done so already):

sudo raspi-config;
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System Options > Password
RaspberryPi Terminal

Step 2:


First enter your email address, press start and copy the code you received into your terminal.

Dataplicity Start

After Dataplicity has been installed you will receive a link to access your Raspberry Pi.

Step 3:

Dataplicity Terminal

Now you should first confirm your email and create a password.

Confirm Mail & Password

Step 4:

Now you can log into your pi account in your dataplicity terminal to have full access to your raspberry pi.

su pi;
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You now have the option to create a wormhole to run a website on your raspberry pi, but that's a topic for another guide.

Step 5:

In addition to the browser, you can also download Dataplicity as a Windows app. You can also use Dataplicity on your Apple & Android device.

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