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How do you keep your tasks organized?

matthias profile image Matthias 👨‍💻 twitter logo github logo ・1 min read  

I'm currently searching for a tool or a methodology to keep my work tasks organized.
We are using Jira in our team but I also have tasks which are not belonging to the project (like server administration for example).
What do you use to keep your daily work organized?

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We use multiple github repos for different types of tasks and bring them all together using ZenHub to visualize different 'pipelines'.


Hi Jess! Thank you. I didn't know that tool.
Can I use it without GitHub?


We use Trello in order to get organized. I personally think it's really good tool.

In our team everyone has own board with access everyone to read except managers can write and set tasks. It does help to be productive enough, because it does not take much time to look and do things in an organized and everyday updated lists.

We have "Product Backlog", "To do", "In Progress", "Done", "Bugs" and "Fixed bugs" lists that helps us to be organized.


Hi Chingiz!

Thank you! I think I will give Trello a try :)


My favorite tool is still Pivotal Tracker:

Trello it's nice and with a simple UI but I feel that it lacks "tooling": it's not easy to assign story points, to measure velocity or to understand exactly how current and past sprints have been going.

Jira can do everything but I really don't like the UI (and I think that's the reason why we are using Trello now).

I'll try to introduce Pivotal (which I used in two startups in the past) to a client since they're going down the Agile route.

ps. Pivotal is a bit pricey :D


Thank you! I think the Pivotal tracker has too much features I don't use which will distract me :)

Do you know the new Jira design? It became a bit better ;)

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