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Discussion on: 5 Reasons Why Front-end Is So Hard

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Matthew Palmer

For me, Frontend design is definitely the hardest. I want to create these robust and beautiful UIs, but every time I feel like I've learned something incredibly significant in CSS, it seems that I can't quite break out of the "ameteur" stage. And I can't figure out what techniques are ideal to compensate.

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Jordan Brennan Author • Edited

Everyone is a CSS amateur haha

What exactly do you mean though? You never feel like you know enough or you’re not sure how best to apply the knowledge you do have?

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Matthew Palmer

A little of both! For me, its a scaling issue. I'll build something that looks really good, but it doesn't pass the mobile test or seems like the entire design is flawed whether it is due to lack of knowledge or just because I'm a horrible designer.

Example: I'm building a Christmas List application. The details of a list item might be so long that I have to set overflow-x to scroll. But then everything looks like shit. 😂 Now I have this weird table with columns and rows that displays data that only looks remotely decent on a desktop, but ends up squished on mobile. And I can't change things to be a column with media queries because it looks even WORSE! I struggle a lot 🤦‍♂️

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Tables are tough to do on small screens, don't beat yourself up too much.

I don't know your specific case, but there's no silver bullet, it all depends on how big of a pain in the butt your data is.

Here's a pretty decent article that might give you some ideas on how to approach it

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