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I went cold turkey on caffeine at work last year after I was getting migraines all the time. I stopped drinking coffee entirely, and switched from normal tea to rooibos. The withdrawal symptoms were pretty awful, but after a week I started to feel a lot better.

I have let my consumption creep up again though in the last few months.


Tea also contains a small amount of caffeine.


That's why I stopped drinking it in favour of rooibos, which is naturally caffeine free but can be drunk in the same way. Decaf tea is usually vile, although Yorkshire Tea do a nice Bedtime Brew which is decaffeinated.

But a moderate amount of caffeine won't harm you. It's actually good to have a moderate amount.

I still drink ordinary tea at home, and will have the odd coffee, but I generally stick to rooibos at work. I was drinking two coffees a day, as well as tea throughout the day, and I found that started to cause problems.


Same. I found that after basically giving up coffee, my concentration was better, I felt wide awake in the morning, had no detox headaches at the weekend and generally feel much better. I have one or two a month, as a treat. The other advantage is that when I do feel tired and have a coffee, I have no tolerance so get a huge kick from the caffeine. Win!

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