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My workplace provides alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages on Fridays from 4pm, and your choice of bacon, sausage or vegetarian sausage baps once a month.

They also recently got rid of the confectionery they had in the meeting rooms in favour of fruit, although it must be said that certain fruit like bananas go quickly, while the pears stick around for ages (probably because Conference pears stay rock hard for ages). There's also a barista-style coffee machine.

They had a summer party end of July, with lots of booze and an excellent barbecue, and we also recently went on a Pub and Paddle, which involved rowing from one pub to another, having a drink, then rowing back, which was lots of fun. My team has also had film nights in the past.

Healthcare isn't much of an issue as I'm in the UK, but we do have some sort of scheme to cover health costs that the NHS doesn't cover, such as private dental treatment.

We often have seminars on relevant subjects, such as last week when there was one about mental health. Flexible working is widely available, and indeed they've been pushing people to ask about it if they want it.


The banana problem is real where I work too. The apples and pears hang around forever and people go between floors to hunt them down.

I like the Pub and Paddle idea. It's tricky to sell the social club idea without making it all about the booze. We've recently done a 'pub quiz' event that was more about the quiz and competition between teams.

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