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re: You are an imposter till you become not an imposter.

There is no exact definition for a programmer. For example: declarative code can be a simple configuration file or a Haskell program. You could consider yourself to be programming when writing only HTML files, or when you program industrial logic controllers in some hardware description language.


I think its especially bad right now with people feeling like they don't belong due to the "everyone must code" agenda being pushed hard. The difference in skill between the old guard who studied for years before going into the job market and the newbies who just kinda ran into it is huge. This creates the illusion that people are imposters because they compare themselves to those who have been in the business for decades or because they as high level web developers compare themselves to low level developers.

Never forget the market is getting saturated to keep pay low (which may or may not be a good thing). So there are lots of beginners right now (and its fine to be a beginner) and the field is extremely broad. You don't need to concern yourself with all of it.

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