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re: Making a concerted effort to show how passionate you are about coding, talking about those tireless nights learning,, talking about how you were so...

We completely agree - you need to maintain a balanced life or you're prone to burnout - but a balanced life is different for everyone. This point isn't in any way trying to glamorise "tireless nights" - some actually enjoy that, but not others. If you don't personally, don't state that to your interviewer.

The point is, convey your passion for code in your own way - if you really were that passionate that you spent hours in the evenings learning and enjoyed it, state that.

The simplest form is this: if you have a genuine passion for coding, make it very clear by stating your truths. It can only be positive - and if the person on the other end wants to judge that, it's probably not the right place to work for anyway.

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