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re: JS lover too until I met TS here. I've led a big full-stack app project using TypeScript so I probably can give you some insight. I agree with thi...

Out of interest, do you use an ORM with TS? If so which one? I have yet to find one that doesn't seem like it wants to work strictly in the OOP paradigm. I need an ORM that properly supports relational data structures like ternary relationships. The only one that looks bearable is Objection which essentially seems to be a query builder that holds a representation of your schema in code to provide helpers to do easy queries and eager loading etc. Unfortunately as you've pointed out, it doesn't really have support for TS.


So, I wrote this article a couple months ago now, and since then I've developed my project into a pretty sizable codebase, still using Objection with TypeScript. IMHO, it works fine. I understand what a few other commenters have said about TypeScript and classes, but after digging in a bit deeper, I haven't encountered any problems I couldn't pretty easily work around. I like Objection a lot; I think it occupies a pretty nice middle ground between query builders and ORMs where it gives you some very nice class-based features out of the box, but still provides low-level access to SQL queries when you need it in a way that many Hibernate-style ORMs do not.

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