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What certifications have served you best in your development career?

I have recently thought about getting a few AWS certifications. Are they worth the investment?

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Ryan Latta

Generally, no.

Here are the caveats. Certifications matter to getting specific jobs. In development, there are no valuable certifications that I know of.

If there are specific jobs you're looking for that are asking for certs, investigate to see how important that is by finding other people in that job.

Otherwise, certifications are something for you for your own sake. Don't expect a raise, don't expect to get paid to get it, and don't expect to be more hirable.

My specific industry of being an agile coach or scrum master does require certification. It's pointless, but that is the way the industry is. So I have the ones I need. Beyond that, I continue to get them because I find them an interesting and structured learning challenge.

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David J Eddy

To offer the other side of the coin from Ryan. After I obtained the 4 low level AWS (Associates/Practitioner) my phone and email will not stop with offers. I moved from a Sr. Dev role (wherein the certs would not be of any great value) into a DevOps / Cloud Engineer role (what I was aiming for as my next role) and added a 20% salary increase. Looking forward to obtaining the Professionals adding another 20% is very reasonable.

IMO; if you want to stay in the software relm; AWS certs will not benefit you to any great extent. However, if you are wanting to shift to cloud tech, the certs are invaluable for advancement.

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C.S. Rhymes

I have been developing since 2005 and have no web dev certifications. I’ve considered doing some in the past but most seem out of date before you even start the course. The trouble is, web development moves so fast.