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For a beginner anything is "hard", for example riding a bike is hard, riding a bike off road is even harder and riding a bike down a world cup downhill course is hardest.

Is programming really that hard or are there just bad/lazy developers in the world? I would say the latter. It's a skill where few are great, some a very good, most are good and a lot are bad.

As a developer of 15+ years, I've mostly worked with C, C++ and Python. When I look at python code others have written it's not too often when I think "wow, that was a neat solution". Most of the time I read code I think "wow, that is stupid". Why? Because yes, programming is hard and most programmers I come across hate listening to critique of any code they have written. It comes across as a personal insult and the first human reaction to insult is to defence. If you defend your bad code and don't learn how do you get better? The answer is you don't, and you spill into the pool of "good/bad" programmers and never allow yourself to become "great".

Programming is hard; why should it be easy? Going back to the principle of riding a bike, you can make it easy by adding stabilisers, but your not going far off road with stabilisers and your certainly not going anywhere near a world cup downhill course! I'm all for newbies becoming great, but they need to ensure they are completely open to critique so they can become great.

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