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Discussion on: Network Information API, another step towards a better web 😍

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Mat Strange

This is really interesting! It's worth noting though, that not all connections are created equally.

For example, WiFi on a train might have a different level of performance than your WiFi in your home or office - it all depends on the backhaul technology, contention etc. So, having the ability to consider the latency and speed of the users, while more effort, might cover off the real-world use cases. You see this on your handset too, the 4G experience can vary wildly depending on signal strength, location, time of day etc.

I'd love to see more people adopt this type of thinking and try to make the 'out-of-home' experience both more appropriate for the user (you might not want the same rich experience when you're walking down the street), and also more efficient for service providers, releasing more bandwidth for everyone to share.

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Yaser Adel Mehraban Author

That’s why we need to consider mixing both type and downlink to deliver a user experience and not just type. But totally agree